Who We Are

Felicia Thompson is a breast cancer survivor and mother whose entrepreneurial spirit was sparked as a result of serving as president and co-founder of a non-profit breast cancer organization.

The concept of the Mane Tamer was originally formulated out the the need to control the long hair of her son’s during sporting events. She realized there were no products available that completely prevented hair and sweat from bothering her children during athletic competitions. Every product seemed to slide out of place or was simply ineffective. This need to keep her children safe and have a competitive edge drove her to develop a comfortable high quality moisture-wicking skull cap and headband aptly named the “Mane Tamer”.

In March 2012, Felicia created the parent company of Mane Tamer–Lovin The Game, LLC headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. Since that time she has worked to enhance the original prototype into a patented product. Our goal as a company is to market products focused on allowing individuals engaged in an active lifestyle reach their highest level of performance.

It’s with the love and care of a mother that we make every Mane Tamer….to help everyone with an active lifestyle stay in control of sweat, heat, hair, and “Tame the Uncontrollable”.

Mane Tamer is manufactured in Cincinnati, OH.

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